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li jin wan,number 889 bin jiang east road haizhu district guangzhou china
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Eva About me:
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Address: Edae street, Seoul
Max payment: 500000
Date: Immediately
Pets: No pets please

Contact: Eva
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Eva Eva Eva Eva

KRW500000 Seogang,Ehwa,yonsei-furnished& big! even for 2ppl (Edae st.(line2))
"only Room 1 is available from April 11th"

Only a quiet and clean person welcomed. We cannot accept an irresponsible person, sorry!

a perfect place for Yonsei,Seogang or Ehwa students.
This house has 3 bedrooms and we are looking for one roommate(or two to share the room) !;)-preferrably a female student
(I prefer to have students, too for safe environment of the house, but I welcome professionals as long as your identity info is clear.
please give me a copy of your passport when signing a contract.)

1. Rent & utilities

(1)Utilities:internet gas electricity and water-devided by 3-4 people
usually 20000-60000 (changes depending on seasons and how much you use)

Rent(room1)-this one is very spacious and even 2 people can stay together
-. KRW 470,000/Month for a year contract-. for less than a year, it's 500,000 (but if you later decided to stay for a year, i can reimburse u all the payment differences(50,000 per month))
-. for 2 people, 600,000 per month
-. For a short term less than 30 days, 25,000/night
-. Month to month basis, one month notice is required before moving.
-. if two people stay together-480,000 for a year contract and 550,000-monthly rent
-. this room provides double bed
-. double bed, 2 hangers, a desk& a chair, a bookshelf you can have drawers in the living room if you want.

Rent (room2)- already taken, sorry!
-. KRW 420,000/Month for a year contract(Utility fee is not included- you will pay a fee divided by the number of people->3 =gas+electricity+water+internet)
-. for less than a year, it's 450,000 but if you later decided to stay for a year, i can reimburse u all the payment differences(30,000 per month)
-. For a short term less than 30 days, 20,000/night
-. Month to month basis, one month notice is required before moving.

2. Deposit
-. KRW 500,000 WON is required and refundable on move-out date

3. Home amenities
-. You can use every home amenities below. No smoking inside the house and no pets please.
-. for your room(smaller room) There are a book shelf& a clothing hanger& matress for you. but I can remove it if you want.
-. Microwave/ Vacuum / Refrigrator/stove/mini oven/laundrymat
-. Cooker / Dishes / Iron / Toaster /utensills...basically everything needed for living

4. smoking is only allowed when you open the berranda or in the toiletroom while opening the window

5. About the house
-. Available now.
-. House type: 2nd floor, 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom 1 toilet room(shower room and toilet room are separate)
-. This house is an old house but it has good space as Korean rooms and have 2 terraces where you can put your extra stuff.
-.the house is not small like other Korean houses so you have space to enjoy~!
-. utilities are dividied by the number of people(3rooms) so it wiill be smaller than paying by yourself in a studio or spliting the cost by2 people.

6. About me(i am living near this house)
- Female, Korean
- late 20's, a teacher, studied in United States for 4 yrs
- No pet
- Non smoker
- like to create a quiet ( not too super quiet though;D) safe, and clean environment especially for girls

7. Location

- near Edae st.(line 2)-best place for Ehwa univ. students (10-12min. to the Ehwa )and Yonsei(20-25 minutes to the Yonsei Korean school)
and Seogang students(about 13minutes) : you can save the transportation cost of 40,000-60,000 per month
-20to30minutes away from Jongro, myungdong Itaewon Seoul st. by bus&subway
-there is a bus which goes in front of Yonsei Korean language Institute and Ehwa Korean school

If you want to look at the house, feel free to contact me. call me at 010- seven seven one one-one four zero eight
(i prefer text message)

Please let me know
1.how long you are planning to stay, and
2. when you are planning to move in. <==============very important~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!