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Music About me: Female
Smoking: No
Pets: No
Location: Chicago, United States
Address: Logan, Edgewater, Andersonville, Chicago
Maximum rent: 700
Moving date: Immediately

Contact: Music
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* Captcha: ny9z46


I was really trying to get my very own place that I would not have to share, but that is not going to be an option just yet. Thus, I am looking for a roommate that I will not want to strangle daily, and I am hoping to find that person quickly!

Some things about me:
-I am 28 and female
-I work full time in the Loop and I love my job
-I tend to spend a lot of time at home but do go out occasionally.
-I do not typically have people over, but do not mind guests so long as they are respectful of my stuff and are not insanely loud when I am trying to sleep.
-I like to drink but i am not a loud, obnoxious or violent drunk. I am just friendlier (though I am friendly to begin with).
-I can cook and will do so. I don't eat seafood and don't really even eat a lot of meat in general, but I do not mind if others do.
-I am not a neat freak (i.e. i will not be inspecting everything with the white glove test daily), but i like for things to have a place and to be generally picked up. I cannot stand dirty bathrooms and I clean them often. I would expect household chores to be a shared duty.
-I do not mind pets (except perhaps snakes)
-I like to do assorted artsy/crafty things and own a ton of supplies/materials.
-I love music. LOVE LOVE LOVE music, and always want to hear new things.
-I have a few old lady habits like crocheting and watching Wheel of Fortune (i'm excellent at that, btw) and wearing ugly slippers in the winter.
-I have a very dry and/or dark sense of humor on occasion, but i am also the queen of bad jokes and puns.
-I tend to be very sarcastic pretty often, but it is always obvious that I am not serious, so there should be no confusion.

My locational preferences are pretty simple. I want to be near a train that will take me downtown. I do not want to live in a place that I will constantly have to wonder if i will be raped/mugged/beaten on my walk home (though I am aware that this can happen at any location in Chicago, some areas are worse than others). I have lived Wicker Park for the last several months, but lived in Logan, Edgewater and Andersonville prior to that. I liked all of them, and even more neighborhoods in the city.

My roommate preferences:
-race, gender and sexuality do not matter to me.
-you are respectful of me (i will reciprocate) and my space/stuff/sleep.
-you pay your share of the bills on time and help keep the place from looking like a hovel.
-if we have common interests, great. if not, we do not have to be BFFs as long as we can comfortably co-habitate. i was married once, so i can absolutely live with someone i never speak to. :)
-you already have a place or could feasibly get a place with me by April 1st

So after all of that, if you think we could tolerate or maybe even LIKE each other as roommates, please email and we can try to meet.